Welcome…Hey there, I’m Linda, and I’m so glad you’ve stumbled over to my blog.

Little Bitty of Country came to me one day when I was having a little bit of writer’s block and reminiscing about my childhood and the small town I grew up in. I’m also referring to this beautiful country, upstate New York and all the small towns throughout. The people that can make it great and the people that make us hate.

I consider myself, what some may refer to as a country girl, I wasn’t raised in the deep woods, on a farm or a ranch. I’m no cow poke either, meaning I don’t neglect my responsibilities. I’m proud that I’m a small town girl with small town values. I started Little Bitty of Country for a creative outlet. I’m hoping to honor the small town values and the small towns all across our country or at least upstate New York. Sharing stories, pictures, recipes and small towns life. I’m passionate about writing, music, photography and humor. I’m not a professional blogger or writer, yet.  I’m hoping to improve that. I was raised in a small town and I have only lived in small towns within upstate New York. I now technically live in a small town but it doesn’t compare to my hometown of Romulus, NY.  I believe I grew up in one of the best places, with the best school and some pretty great people. I have visited big old cities and hated them, couldn’t wait to get back to my roots. My roots, my family roots have kept me from driving the convertible off the cliff….

I hope you enjoy my post and will join in by adding comments.